Virtual Pinball Machine Musings

So I know that I'm not even a week into my quest for the ultimate M.A.M.E. machine but I need to take a slight detour to show what will definitely be my next home arcade project, a virtual pinball machine.

I know a lot less about the emulated pinball scene but from what I can tell it's well worth it to learn! Here are a couple of YouTube videos that show what these machines can do. The first video is of a guy showing off his virtual pinball machine.

This next video shows how close to the real thing these virtual tables have come. The real table is on the left and the virtual on the right. Pay particular attention to the physics of the ball.

During my research efforts on the HyperSpin forums I became sidetracked by the idea of the virtual pinball table and wondered how hard one would be to make. I found a link a site where a guy gives instructions on how to create your own table. The link escapes my memory at the moment but as soon as I find it I'll add it to my sites list here in my blog.

After reading his instructions I found myself eyeing the Sharpshooter pinball machine at my in-laws this last weekend, wondering if I might take it off of their hands and gut it for my Frankenstein pinball machine. So I got out the iPhone and took some pictures just in case. I've included them below.

I know I know, stay the course and get the M.A.M.E. Machine done right? Don't worry I will, I just had to share my crazy ramblings on virtual pinball.

Now that I've got that out of my system, back to the quest for M.A.M.E.!