Well Tuesday night was the night, and what I mean by that is it was time to assemble the brain of my M.A.M.E. machine. Needless to say I was exremely nervous standing in front of those unsssembled parts. But before I could begin working we (my wife and I) had to face the dreaded office!

Every home has one, you know, the black hole that seems to suck up all the junk in your life. For some it's more of a place where you shove everything when you have guests over. Well for me to have room to assemble said PC we'd needed to first wade through this......

Ouch! But for some reason, I'm guessing because I had new tech to play with, we quickly cleaned up the vortex of junk.

Time to build! First let me explain why I was so nervous to piece this thing together. The last time I built a PC from scratch was some time around 2003. Needless to say a lot has changed since then when it comes to PC hardware. Luckily it was for the better.

About the only issue I had was with the heat sink that newegg included in the bundle. This thing was such a monster I almost couldn't figure out how to properly install it. Here are a couple of pictures so you see what I mean.

The above shot shows how wide the piece is but the next image gives a better idea of just how much it towers above the processor.

It makes me laugh everytime I look at it! LOL With everything together it was time for the moment of truth....would it turn on?

It did! After installing Windows 7 and a few drivers I was ready to start setting up M.A.M.E., HyperSpin, and organize the roms.

So far I've added themes for roms #-F and have tested most of them. In the coming posts I'll update on the roms and emulators I've got completed. I'll also try and add some pics and perhaps a video of everything running on my 47" LCD TV.


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